How are photos printed on coffee mugs

Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you love and care for them. Personalized gifts add a personal touch and express your feelings for the concerned person in a great way. These gifts give you a unique way to celebrate any occasion. There are a number of personalized gift options these days and each one offers you something special that will be remembered by your loved ones forever. Personalized coffee mugs are a great way to encapsulate the special moments and memories in an attractive and functional medium.

How photos can be printed on Coffee mugs

Listed here are the steps involved in making a personalized photo coffee mug

1. Choose the sublimation blanks

To create the best photo mugs, you first need to choose a good quality blank sublimation. There are a lot of factors to think about when choosing a blank sublimation. Think about the color of the mug and whether it can handle the superimposed image. Also choose the best and simplest ceramic mugs that can support image transfer so that the other processes flow smoothly. There are also different sizes of mugs like 10 Oz and 11 Oz mugs. So choose the size as per your requirement.


2. Find your picture to be printed

The next step is to choose a right sized image that can be transferred onto photo mugs. Get a picture that can deliver your feelings to the best and at the same time looks fashionable. Depending on how the images are stored, sometimes you might need to convert the image into a printable format. You can either convert the format or use a scanner to bring the picture into printable form.

3. Print the photos on special paper

Once you are ready with your final image, you can inkjet your image onto a special paper called transfer paper or decal paper. This paper allows images to get transferred onto hard surfaces. The image is transferred to transfer paper through special dye sublimation inks.

4. Preparing to get the image printed on the mug surface

As soon as the image is printed on the transfer paper, it is now ready to be transferred to the mug. The transfer paper is wrapped around the coffee mug or other sublimation product. The image is transferred to the sublimation by applying moisture. The image is actually mirrored or backwards as its being transferred directly to the surface of the blank sublimation.

5. Seal the image onto the mug

Once the image is transferred to the mug, the last step is to seal the image so that it does not get washed off while cleaning. Sealing can be done using two popular methods, one is using the heat press to seal the image and the other method is to coat the mug using a clear resin to seal the image. Thus the final image becomes highly durable and long lasting.

There are also other options for getting mugs printed. They are Direct screen printing, transfer printing, digital printing, dye sublimation and four color printing.

Photo USA - The best supplier of personalized coffee mugs

Photo USA continues to expand its impressive line of personalized sublimation solution for your business needs. It's a very good news for the business people and common people who are struggling to find fresh and interesting gift ideas. Photo USA manufactures high quality sublimation coated products for personalized gifts. They manufacture colorchanging mugs and ceramic mugs which can be used as the best business promotional gift as well as for your loved ones on a special occasion. Photo USA ensures the use of exceptionally vibrant colors and high resolutions on their range of sublimation products, like ceramic mugs, phone cases, color changing mugs and others. Photo USA also supplies, coffee mugs wholesale and wholesale water bottles, which can be customized or personalized as per your requirement.

Photo USA offers you personalized mugs which will certainly be a mix of durability, design and excellence. What you need to do is to get ready with a great photo and visit their website at to get your personalized mugs today. Bring a smile on your loved ones face. 

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